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Alliance on Antitrust

About the Alliance on Antitrust

The Alliance on Antitrustwas established to address the increasing calls to move away from the consumer welfare standard and to use antitrust as a political tool. We believe that weaponizing antitrust for broader socioeconomic purposes would fundamentally alter the primary goal of antitrust law, upend more than a century of legal and economic learning and progress, and undermine the rule of law. 

Antitrust law does not exist in a historical vacuum. The need to bring coherency to antitrust law through a neutral underlying principle is precisely what led to the consumer welfare standard. It is critical to understand how we got to where we are today, and to distinguish between the proper and improper uses of these laws. The Alliance on Antitrust seeks to foster a greater understanding of the issues and arguments at the core of the antitrust debate.

Visit the Alliance on Antitrust website here.

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